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A Couple of the Many Benefits of Having LASIK Surgery in Portland

Have you been fed up with wearing eyeglasses or contacts every day? Then, you might want to consider undergoing LASIK.

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The main advantage to finding an Lasik near me LASIK surgeon and getting LASIK done is that you may immediately view a significant improvement with your vision. Just a couple of hours after the surgery has completed (and for many others within 24 hours), it’s not uncommon for your vision to become just as clear, if not clearer, then when wearing your previous glasses or contacts.

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Not having to worry about putting your contacts in everyday, or losing your favorite pair of glasses is also a huge benefit of having Lasik surgery. For lots of people, including Portland residents, wearing glasses might be tedious and limiting. You might be unable to perform certain activities with glasses. Contacts usually resolve this concern however, but not all people can wear them. Freedom from the two can improve your confidence and free you from many restrictions you once faced.

What Are Medically Necessary Contact Lenses?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK surgery is a procedure that uses a laser on one or both eyes, with the goal of correcting vision. Laser eye surgery is used for people with myopia, or nearsightedness, as well as for those with hyperopia, or farsightedness. LASIK corrects your vision by reshaping your cornea to improve how your eye focuses. As with any surgical procedure, talk to your doctor about the possible risks and what to expect during recovery. Carefully weigh the benefits of corrected vision with the possible problems that may occur.

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How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

Step 1, do you know what to expect?

The absolutely, most important choice to make before having Lasik surgery is to select the best in Lasik Eye Surgeons. Need help in choosing which Lasik Eye surgeon to pick? Please click on the link in the next paragraph for help in deciding what to look for in Lasik Eye surgeons. After you have chosen your Lasik surgeon, you will be scheduled for an initial consultation. Your Lasik surgeon may ask you to stop wearing any contact lenses and return to wearing glasses for 2 to 4 weeks before your consultation. Why?

All contact lenses, but especially hard lenses, can change the shape of your cornea temporarily. During your baseline exam, your surgeon will thoroughly examine both of your eyes, taking precise, detailed measurements. These measurement help determine how much corneal tissue will need to be reshaped to give you the best possible outcome after surgery. Wearing contact lenses up to the day of your baseline exam may cause inaccurate measurements to be taken and this can result in inaccurate changes made to your vision. There's no way you want this to happen, so listen to your surgeon's recommendations if he or she asks you to stop wearing your contacts prior to your exam.

  • do you have any long term, chronic, medical conditions that could affect the long term health of your eyes
  • are you pregnant or nursing
  • Don’t feel pressured to sign the informed consent form for Lasik surgery until you feel confident and comfortable with your surgeon. And don’t let anyone ‘talk you into’ having Lasik surgery. Your family and friends can give you advice but only you can decide what is best for your eyes. On the day of surgery, avoid using any lotions, perfume or make up to help avoid eye irritation and possible eye infections. Arrange for a friend or family member to give you a ride to and from your Lasik surgery for your safety and peace of mind. Look for my next article in the series on Lasik Surgery – Step 2, What to expect the day of your Lasik Surgery, coming out next week.

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