Laser Surgery For Eyes in Beaverton, Oregon

A Couple of the Many Benefits of Having LASIK Surgery in Beaverton

Have you been fed up with wearing eyeglasses or contacts every day? Then, you might want to consider undergoing LASIK.

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The main advantage to finding an Eye Correction Surgery LASIK surgeon and getting LASIK done is that you may immediately view a significant improvement with your vision. Just a couple of hours after the surgery has completed (and for many others within 24 hours), it’s not uncommon for your vision to become just as clear, if not clearer, then when wearing your previous glasses or contacts.

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Not having to worry about putting your contacts in everyday, or losing your favorite pair of glasses is also a huge benefit of having Lasik surgery. For lots of people, including Beaverton residents, wearing glasses might be tedious and limiting. You might be unable to perform certain activities with glasses. Contacts usually resolve this concern however, but not all people can wear them. Freedom from the two can improve your confidence and free you from many restrictions you once faced.

What Are Medically Necessary Contact Lenses?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK surgery is a procedure that uses a laser on one or both eyes, with the goal of correcting vision. Laser eye surgery is used for people with myopia, or nearsightedness, as well as for those with hyperopia, or farsightedness. LASIK corrects your vision by reshaping your cornea to improve how your eye focuses. As with any surgical procedure, talk to your doctor about the possible risks and what to expect during recovery. Carefully weigh the benefits of corrected vision with the possible problems that may occur.

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What Are Medically Necessary Contact Lenses?

Most types of eye surgery procedures are ultimately designed to restore the proper functioning of the eye so that vision is improved. The list of different eye surgery procedures is practically inexhaustible, but some of the most common corrective types of eye surgery procedures employ the latest technology and address the most common vision-deficiency conditions.


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