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Individuals in Oregon who have problems seeing at a certain distance (near or far) and other types of vision problems may have them corrected with Lasik and may even find increased benefits over wearing glasses or contacts. Oregon Lasik does not typically help treat nearsightedness in elderly people and actually, people who obtain the surgery often have to use reading glasses earlier than when they had not undergone the method.

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How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Last?

While Lasik has numerous benefits it will not really possess the capacity to provide a person perfect vision. In some patients it may possibly reduce their ability to see details somewhat. Still, almost 100 % of patients get 20/20 vision after the laser surgery.

Lasik For Astigmatism

To become a good candidate for that Lasik procedure you have to be over 18. You should not be considered a diabetic or have rheumatoid arthritis. A consultation using a doctor is important just before the procedure, and you will have to undergo some restrictions for roughly a week however, there is no real time to recover connected with it.

How Much Does Lasik Cost?

Irrespective of what many people say, including the doctors who perform the LASIK procedure, LASIK recovery time is not a 20 minutes phenomenon, but you take up to six months to completely recover. Patience is required by people who undergo LASIK surgery, as clarity of vision after surgery will depend on the procedure adopted, your refractive error, and post-operative complications, if any. It is often claimed that clarity of vision is attained immediately after the surgery, but it may not be true in most of the cases.

It is normal that post surgery, you face complications, such as ghosts, halos, starbursts, regular or irregular astigmatism, and reduction in clarity for a short period of time. Over a period of time, from as little as a few weeks to as much as six months, these complications may dissipate, and in certain cases, you may need further surgery before recovering fully. If these complications continue beyond six months, you may assume that these are permanent.

* Three Weeks After Surgery - Strenuous sports, including swimming, can be started, but with eye protection. You can start outdoor activities, but ensure that your eyes are well protected.

* 3 to 6 Months After Surgery - It will take, at least this much time for your vision to stabilize. Fluctuating vision is part of the healing process and will take time to recover.

You may need re-surgery to correct certain anomalies. It is imperative that you follow your doctor's instructions after the surgery. LASIK recovery time depends on the care you take with your eyes.